Terms & Conditions

By booking appointment with us you agree to the below.


All bookings require a deposit to secure the appointment. The cost of this will be 50% of the estimated grooming price. This can be carried over to future bookings or returned to you after the groom has been carried out. The deposit can be refunded if you wish to cancel your appointment up to 48 hours prior to your dogs appointment.

Cancellation of appointment with less than 48 hours notice will result in the loss of your deposit, another deposit will need to be paid to secure any future appointments.

No shows and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in a fee of 100% of the estimated groom price which will need to be paid before any more appointments can be rebooked.


If you arrive more than 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time, we cannot guarantee carrying out the service booked and this may result in a loss of deposit, we maybe able to carry out a different service at the full price of the original appointment booked if time allows.

Appointment reminders will be sent out only to those that have verified email addresses 48 hours prior to appointment, to verify an email address send a blank email to Reminders are courtesy and we recommend making a note of all appointments.


All dogs should be toileted prior to appointment. On arrival we ask all customers to use door bell before entering the salon as there might be another customer in reception. Some dogs can be nervous, reactive or flight risk therefore we only allow one customer in at a time for safety reasons. We notify all customers of estimated times for collection as well as sending a message 10-15 minutes before your dog will be ready to be collected. Please let your groomer know if you need more notice. After 30 minutes from agreed time of collection the ‘late collection fee’ might be charged which is £5 per every 15 minutes the dog is in the salon. Late collections can really affect our timings which results in running behind for the rest of the day.


We have the right to refuse any customer and any pet without reason. Our team can refuse to groom if there is a risk of injury to the groomer or the dogs welfare. In some cases we may feel the need to take extra safety measures towards any dogs showing signs of aggression, such as a muzzle. If you do not wish us to use a muzzle then we may refuse to groom. Due to the extra time and difficulty involved in grooming dogs with aggressive behaviour, this will incur an extra charge of £10.

We cannot groom dogs that are pregnant.

Our team can refuse to groom a dog that is found to have a severe flea infestation and in some instances there will be an additional fee to cover the disinfection of the salon which is £15.

We do not perform anal gland expression in our services as we believe this process should be performed by a licensed vet. We also do not provide ear plucking as we feel this should be performed by a vet. We will clean the external area of the ears but not enter the ear cavity.

We do not clip or shave down double coated breeds, this can cause irreversible damage to the coat. If for medical reasons you have been advised to have this done we will require evidence from your vet before we go ahead.


Clients should be responsible for keeping their dog up to date with their vaccinations and puppies should be fully vaccinated before coming into the salon. (We recommend waiting till after their last vaccination before booking)

All measures will be taken to ensure your dog is safe in our care and are left entirely at the owners own risk.

We must be made aware of any medical conditions prior to the groom and in some cases a letter from your vet will be required to ensure we can carry out a groom safely. If your dog is unwell at the time of the appointment we may refuse service in the interest of avoiding cross contamination to other dogs in our care.

Grooming of elderly dogs is entirely at the owner’s risk.

If we feel that it is in the best interests of your dogs health & welfare is to have two of our groomers carry out the service for your dogs safety and to get the groom completed in a shorter time this may incur an extra fee, this would be a welfare groom and the finish may not be to our usual standard but solely for your dogs comfort.

We only use natural products on the dogs we groom so all of our shampoo’s are hypo-allergenic and gentle on the skin. In the unfortunate event that your dog develops an allergic reaction to any grooming products we are not liable for this, feel free to bring your own medicated shampoo if you are unsure.


We will try our best to meet your grooming requirements for your dog, however this is not always possible due to matting of the dogs coat. If your dog is excessively matted we will have no choice but to shave down the coat, in some cases to the skin. A matted coat can cause a lot of discomfort, pain and distress and as your dogs welfare is of the utmost importance to us we cannot always achieve your desired grooming style. Due to the extra care taken and time it requires to de-mat a dog’s coat we will charge a matting fee of £10, This fee is also to cover maintenance costs as clipping matted coats causes additional ware and tear to our equipment.


There are some risks involved with clipping off a matted coat which is important to be aware of.

– Matting can be dense which makes it difficult to see where the skin stops and the coat starts and this can result in the skin being nicked by the clipper blade.

– Clipper irritation can occur in some dogs, resulting in a red rash on the skin.

– Clipper burn is something that happens when the blades of a clipper become too hot during grooming which can occur during clipping dense matts as the blades are having to work hard to get through the coat.

– It is possible for underlying skin conditions to be revealed after clipping such as rashes, dry or flaky skin.

– Hotspots can occur if the dog excessively scratches the skin after clipping. Usually after losing the matted coat a dog will scratch out of relief, however if they scratch to the point of breaking the skin and this becomes infected that is a hotspot which will require veterinary attention.


Your dog may be photographed before, during and after the groom. We may wish to display those photographs on our website and social media or other printed materials. If you do not wish for your dogs image to be displayed please let us know before leaving the salon.


If for any reason you feel dissatisfied with your dogs groom please let us know within three days (preferably prior to leaving the salon). Reasonable requests to alter the groom will be dealt with on the spot, otherwise noted for the next grooming appointment. We kindly ask to refrain from leaving any negative feedback in an online forum without first bringing to our attention.


What The Pup Ltd employs extensive safety and sanitary precautions to ensure your pets safety and health. Despite reasonable and prudent efforts, some pets may experience common side effects of the grooming process, including but not limited to: clipper burn, exposure of the quick, de-shedding treatments, hair splinters, and sharp nails (after clipping). By signing this agreement, you the client (or with the full authority of the owner) agree to relieve What The Pup Ltd, and it’s agents from any and all liabilities, and/or costs associated with any veterinary care, symptoms or discomfort of your pet related to or presenting after services rendered by What The Pup Ltd. The pursuit of any veterinary, behavioural, or rehabilitation services, and the payment there of, is the sole responsibility of the pet owner. Additionally, you the owner (or with the full authority of the owner) agree to relieve What The Pup Ltd and its agents from any and all liability associated with damages to person, pet, or property by or relating to services rendered or service equipment used by What The Pup Ltd and it’s agents.